How to dress like Michelle...

How to dress like Michelle...

Here is an outfit to dress like Michelle Obama, without spending the price of a limousine...

Before looking at the clothes, 
listen to French music if you have time 
(just click on the pink link below)

Just clic on the picture clothes or on the pink links below,
and you will be directed directly to the item website...Merci!

A metallic coat to shine like a star!

Some leather gloves to add elegance to your outfit!

A belt with a coat to have a nice waist!

Some more clothes to look like Michelle:

A more moden metallic outfit: a jacket to add modernity.
Wear it with jeans and "escarpins"!

A metallic violet short coat, to look like a doll!

Leather gloves with metal detail 
to add modernity to your gloves!


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