I love leather skirts...

I love leather-look skirts. You can see where to buy nice leather-look skirts to be sexy, feminine or rock!
This is a selection of little prices, so everyone can afford it.
French Music:
Edith Piaf "L'homme à la moto"

Just clic on the links or on the pictures to see where to buy the skirts on the web...

A cheap price for a nice skirt!
A pleated black skirt to be sexy,
without spending a lot.
black skirt: VeroModa

Red for Passion!
One of my favorite skirts, and a cheap price!
A red skirt to add color,
to a leather-look.
red skirt: Love

Studs to shine like a star!
Mini skirt with studs.
black skirt: Firetrap

To look rock and feminine!
A skater skirt to look feminine and rock.
black skater dress: Hearts and Bows

(very cheap price!)
To add rock to your skirt!
A simple skirt with leather sides,
to add modernity to the skirt.
skirt: Newlook

To look feminine and comfortable!
A skater dress to look feminine,
and a waistband to be comfortable.
black skirt: Glamorous

(exception, it is a dress: but my favorite)
How to look rock and fragile!
A mix of a leather-look and a nude color,
what a nice mix!
dress: Topshop

To be elegant and rock!
An embroidered skirt to be elegant,
and the real leather to be chic.
embroidered skirt: Zara

To be elegant!
A nice two colors light-pink and black skirt,
with the leather-look waistband to add sexiness.
pink and black skirt: Zara

To be blue electric!
A simple shape, with the electric blue,
and a nice leather-look waistband.
blue skirt: Izzue

To add metallic style to your skirt!
A quilted skirt with zipper pockets,
one of my favorite skirts.
green skirt: Bershka

To be classy and sexy!
A pencil skirt to look like a working-girl,
the leather-look to be sexy, 
and the bow to add a girly touch.
pencil skirt: Yumi

To shine like gold!
A gold leather-look skirt, 
to go out dancing.
gold skirt: Kookaï

A simple shape,
with the modernity of the lashes.
skirt: Morgan

Items links:
1. pleated skirt: VeroModa
2. red skirt: Love
3. studs skirt: Firetrap
4. skater skirt: Hearts and Bows
5. simple skirt: Newlook
6. waistband skirt: Glamorous
7. nude dress: Topshop
8. embroidered skirt: Zara
9. pink and black skirt: Zara
10. blue skirt: Izzue
11. green skirt: Bershka
12. pencil skirt: Yumi
13. gold skirt: Kookaï
14. black skirt: Morgan

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