J'ai rendez-vous avec vous... (evening dresses for less than 20 Euros!)

Today, I will share with you some nice "petites robes" (little dresses); they cost less than 20 euros. You can find them in Europe, America, Asia, Africa...thanks to internet.
First, you can listen to French music:
Each dress can be taken for a "rendez-vous" with your boyfriend or with your fiancé!
You can buy them on internet; click on the picture to see where to buy the dress.
Above each picture, you have the brand dress:
click on the PINK LINK and you will see where to buy the dress!

To look like a disco ball!
A long v-neck gold top to be very sexy,
and a nice light-yellow skirt to look springtime: what a mix!

To look modern and rocky!
A simple dress with oeillets to look modern,
and a nice shape to look sexy.


Transparency and shine!
A bustier long dress with sequins to shine, 
and sexiness with the skirt transparency to show your legs.


To have a back like a drop of rain!
A very simple front dress,
with the mistery and sexiness of the back.


To look like a Princess!
A short light pink dress with sequins to shine,
and a light pink ballet color to look like a Princess.


To look like a Skater Girl!
A short black skater dress; very elegant satin material,
and very nice shape to look just elegant and sexy.


To shine like Luck!
A simple short green metallic dress, to look sexy,
or to look rock with a leather jacket.


To look like an evening working girl!
A very simple but elegant dress, 
with nice shoulders cut,
and a very sexy back zipper.


To look sexy and modern like a Rockstar!
A long black dress with one shoulder top to look modern,
and the transparent skirt to look sexy and mysterious.


For Mums who still want to be elegant!
A dress for future moms; black to be elegant,
nice shoulders top with a necklace to be chic,
and a large skirt to be comfortable.


To look like a Pink Martini!
A light pink short dress, with a long v-neck top to be sexy,
and a short skirt with dentelle to be baroque.


To shine even in the darkness!
A skater gold dress to shine, 
with the sexiness of the skater dress.


To look animal!
A mix of panther and black tulle, to be rock.
A nice bustier to show your shoulders,
and a skater skirt to look girly.


To look like Minnie Mouse!
A joyful skater dress to look fun and cool, 
with the black line on the skirt to look chic.

To look simple and rock!
A simple black dress to show your shoulders,
and a modern skirt to show your legs.


To look like a Parisian waiter!
A nice tie to look masculine,
and a nice short skirt to look feminine, 
what a mix!


To look like luckiness!
A nice dark green dress, very simple,
modern with the nice cut on the waist,
and sexy with the short skirt.


To look like a modern Princess!
A violet short polka-dot dress, violet to look modern and rock,
a bustier to look sexy, and a skater skirt to look like a Princess.


To look like an elegant pencil!
An elegant canard-blue color, 
a very original shape top, 
and a pencil skirt: a mix to be very elegant.


To look like Catwoman!
Long sleeves mixed with short skirt, and sequin material,
very irresistible.


To look modern, and sexy!
An elegant bustier to show your shoulders,
a very simple skirt added to the leather look like waist.


To look like an Angel in dentelle!
A mix to be sexy with the transparent top,
to be fragile with the white color,
to be elegant with the lace skirt.


To smell like a Rose!
A pink short dress, with a simple top,
a very nice pink and roses shape skirt

Where to buy the dresses, just click on the items below:
15. Urbanoutfitters black dress (Oups!SOLD OUT)

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  1. Far from trashy. I love your blazer. Great look.

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