SHOPPING: AUTUMN-WINTER 2015-2016: I Love Mary Jane shoes!

My Babies rouges-My Red Mary Janes: Repetto
Pull-Sweater: Asos
Legging brillant-Glossy Leggings: American Apparel
Babies paillettes-Glitter Mary Janes: Pierre Hardy Net-A-Porter
Babies noires-Black Mary Janes: Asos

Cliquez sur les photos ci-dessous pour voir d'où les babies proviennent...
Click on the pictures below to see where to find these Mary Janes...

 Repetto, babies My Theresa, Saint Laurent Net-A-Porter: Pierre Hardy            Zalando Schutz       Jonak, gold
 Jonak Galeries Lafayette, What For Asos, owner   André, bordeaux

Français: Comment succomber aux babies qui ont pointé le bout de leur nez, sans avoir l'air d'une baby? 
Adoptons la rock attitude, avec un legging brillant taille haute et un petit pull, tous deux de couleur noire. Pourquoi pas aimer le romantisme avec une robe fleurie et des babies velours? Ou encore un style festif avec une combinaison et des babies paillettes? (Les paillettes reviennent en force cet automne-hiver).

Avez-vous adopté les babies? Lesquelles vous plaisent le plus?

PS: En Anglais, ils utilisent "Mary Jane" pour "babies"; ça me fait penser à la fiancée de Spider-Man, qui a un look parfait pour les babies!

EnglishHow to succomb to the Mary Jane shoes that are showing up, without looking as a baby? 
Let's adopt the rock attitude, with glossy leggings high-waist and a sweater, both in black. Why not a romantic style with a flower dress and velvet Mary Janes? Or a party look with a jumpsuit and glitter Mary Janes? (Glitters that come back this autumn-winter).

Have you adopted the Mary Janes? Which ones do you like the most?

PS: In English, you use "Mary Janes", while in French we use "babies"; Mary Janes make me think of Spider-Man fiancée, she has the perfect look for Mary Jane shoes!

14 commentaires:

  1. Elles sont toutes belles!! Celles qui me font de l'oeil ce sont celles à long lacets!!



    1. Elles me font des clins d'oeil aussi avec leur look boho ;)

      Bisous bisous Tiff :)

  2. Réponses
    1. Merci for your comment Deborah, want all of them too ;)

      Bonjour from France,
      *-* Sand. *-*

  3. Absolutely love the styling here! How comfy and casual this outfit is! And I love the color palette you’ve chosen. Gorgeous!

    Diana Cloudlet

  4. The babies or Mary janes :) are so lovely! I loved the first ones, with glitter, but some in burgundy too and this is actually my facvorite stule for shoes! Hope you have a very nice week!

  5. Elles te vont surtout très bien! Les rouges sont mes préférées.

  6. I love Mary Janes! There were two pages of them in todays Grazia :) I've always wanted red velvet but the glittery one are just amazing :)

  7. Thanks for the great suggestions for wearing Mary Janes and not looking like a baby. Great advice! :) All too often I see them worn by older women, and they almost look like orthopedic shoes or worse, babyish. While in Venice last week, I saw a woman wearing a black A-line skirt with black Mary Janes and short black socks. Another winner! xo, Janea

  8. Beautiful selection! Love the glitter shoes!

  9. I like the orange one. Today i am posting a blog with kind a simular heels in laque. Perhaps you like to take a look!